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Roof Flashing- why is it important?

Let’s talk about roof flashings. In this article I will cover what roof flashings are and why they are used. Additionally I will touch on soaker flashing and apron flashing. Let’s begin this journey to increase your knowledge about your roof and roofing in general.

What is roof flashing?

First of all what are roof flashings? No the Marvel character The Flash has nothing to do with this one (dad joke). The best way to describe a roof flashings is it’s a thin layer of metal sheeting that directs water away from critical areas of the roof. Professional roofers (like Roofers Tauranga) install flashings wherever the roof plane meets a vertical service like a dormer or wall (and where else required). Flashings are also installed to surround roof features such as skylights and chimneys. Pretty much without flashings the water will find its way into the roof deck, instead of running down the side of the flashing and directed to the shingles. That will cause great problems!

Roof flashing in Tauranga
Roof ridge flashing

The main roof flashing materials are aluminium (easy to form and lightweight), copper (malleable and takes well to soldering) and steel (malleable and corrosion-resistant when galvanised.

There are a lot of different types of roof flashings. The main ones I will cover today are apron flashing and soaker flashings.

Apron flashing

Also known as continuous flashing. This flashing acts like an apron. Pretty much it’s a long single piece of metal that directs water to the shingles below. Long pieces pof apron flashing have expansion joints built-in which combats the problems with flexing as the home expands and contracts in the changing of temperatures and seasons.

Soaker flashing

There are actually a few types here. There are ones that drain at the plane of the roof pan (suitable for any pitch). Ones that drain at the plane of the roof pan at the gutter (simple and provides better water run-off capacity). We can discuss this in more detail if required.

All in all there are many requirements for roof flashings and here at Roofers Tauranga we are experienced professionals that would be happy to help you out with any of your roofing requirements in Tauranga or surrounding Bay of Plenty. Contact us on (07) 575 9423

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